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Catnip treat - 5$ per day given

Brushing/Cuddle Time: A 15 min relaxing brushing and cuddling session with your cat's personal handler during their stay - 5$ per cuddle session


Doggie Condo Rooms

Dogs any Size - 22$ Per Dog Per Day

​Holiday* - 24$ Per Dog Per Day

Peanut Butter Stuffed Kong- 5$ per day given

All-Natural Calming Aid - 2$ per day given

Square Walk: A 15 min walk and play time finishing with a yummy All-Natural treat! - 5$ per walk

Extra Play Time: A 15 minute indoor play session, including toys and treats with your dogs personal handler during their stay- 5$ per play session

​Orthepedic Bed Upgrade: A luxurious memory foam bed for those pets that would appreciate a little more comfort for achy joint or arthritis - 2$ Per Nite


Board pricing is per pet per day. All pets must have a current rabies certificate upon check-in. Pricing is on a per day basis. Normal Drop-Off & Pick-Up Hours are Mon-Sat 8am - 6pm.

Sunday there are NO drop-offs however we do offer Pick-up between 5pm-6pm

​For Drop-Off or Pick-Ups Before or after Normal Hours Mon-Sat Please Call our facility ahead of time to make arrangements.


hotel add-ons

board pricing


Kitty Condo

Cats - Any Size - 18$ Per Cat Per Day

​Holiday* - 20$ Per Cat Per Day